Bach WTC (2)

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Bach WTC (2)

Postby DavidBryce » Wed Jan 24, 2007 10:22 pm

Sorry, still can't see how I attach multiple's 2nd, 3rd to follow

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Postby MindenBlues » Thu Jan 25, 2007 10:51 am

Also here, I like your melody phrasing, both in prelude and for the theme in the fugue.

Both prelude and fugue are on the slow side regarding tempo. Nothing wrong with that, however the prelude sounds anyhow a bit sluggish. There is a wrong note in the prelude, bar 11 last part RH.
The fugue has a spot where you lost the momentum and some slips - this you could polish a bit more.

Beside this it sounds well to me, especially your voicing as already mentioned!

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Postby techneut » Thu Jan 25, 2007 7:14 pm

These are also played well and consistently though in general not as good as the E flat major.
Your touch is a bit weaker here.

Bar 11-12 of the Prelude would ideally need to be revisited.
Same in the Fugue, bar 13 comes off rather badly.

One tip here. If you play a wrong note or leave one out, don't linger on it so that you get a rhythm break. Don't even try to correct, just play straight on as if nothing had happened. Whatever happens, don't break the rhythm. If you BS your way throught it, it will always sound convincing even if it's wrong.

In the Prelude, there were some bars that are not rhythmically stable.

In the Fugue, in bar 28 LH the a# should be a (at least according to my score).

In bar 19 my ears picked up on the LH a's, thinking it was an error. In fact it's me who's always played them wrong as a#. Learning all the time !

Again, well done and no real serious errors. Bit on the slow side though. The fugue could do with a bit more visceral excitement. Now on to the last....
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