Win a Pianoteq rebate coupon (60 to give away)

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Win a Pianoteq rebate coupon (60 to give away)

Postby Pianoteq » Sat Dec 05, 2009 11:43 am

Dear all,

You now have a chance to win a Pianoteq rebate coupon. We are giving away 60 of these with values from 50 to 100 euro each that you can use on our site. Just give your correct answers to 3 questions and you will participate in the lottery where you have a fair chance to win. The contest is open until 17 December.

Pianoteq is a unique award-winning physically modelled software piano which you easily install on your modern laptop for use with your digital piano. The piano sound of Pianoteq will take over, with all the power that a physically modelled piano can bring - full resonances of strings and hammers in movement, superb dynamic expression etc. Pianoteq also lets you adjust physical parameters, such as the length of the strings (from a baby grand to a concert grand or even longer), hammer hardness, unison tuning etc.

Participate here:

Niclas Fogwall

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