Bachianas Brasileiras no. 1 i think

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Bachianas Brasileiras no. 1 i think

Postby caleblargo » Sun Aug 16, 2009 9:53 pm

hey i'm new here and i was wondering, does any1 have the bachianas brasileiras for piano? i can't find them anywhere. i'm looking for no. 1 i think but i'm not sure. i heard it at the nashville symphony and it's just gorgeous

EDIT: no. 4 is what i'm looking for (the introducao), but no.1 (the embolada) would be nice too :)

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Postby mgasilva » Mon Nov 23, 2009 7:20 pm

Hello, Caleb. There seems to be a bit of confusion about which movements you want. Please take note of the 9 "Bachianas Brasileiras" and their different subdivisions (movements). Most movements receive a Brazilian Name and also a Bachian name. The first movement of both number 1 and number 4 receive the denomination "Introdução". Number 1 being the "Embolada" and number 4 "prelúdio".

No. 1 for 8 cellos (1932):
Introdução (Embolada)
Prelúdio (Modinha)
Fuga (Conversa) (Conversation)

No. 2 for chamber orchestra (1933). There are four programmatic movements, each reworking an earlier piece for piano or for cello and piano:
Prelúdio (O Canto do Capadocio)
Ária (O Canto da Nossa Terra)
Dança (Lembrança do Sertão)
Tocata (O Trenzinho do Caipira) (The Little Train of Caipira)

No. 3 for piano and orchestra (1934)
Prelúdio (Ponteio)
Fantasia (Devaneio) (Digression)
Aria - Modinha
Tocata (Picapu)

No. 4 for piano (1930-41); orchestrated in 1942 (dedicated to Tomas Teren)
Prelúdio (Introdução)
Coral (Canto do Sertão)
Aria (Cantiga)
Dansa (Miudinho)

No. 5 for soprano and 8 cellos (1938/45). This is probably Villa-Lobos's single most popular work:
Aria (Cantilena) (lyrics by Ruth V. Corrêa) (Later arranged for solo guitar and soprano by Villa-Lobos)
Dança (Martelo) (lyrics by Manuel Bandeira)

No. 6 for flute and bassoon (1938)
Aria (Choros)

No. 7 for orchestra (1942) (dedicated to Gustavo Capanema)
Prelúdio (Ponteco)
Giga (Quadrilha Caipira)
Tocata (Desafio)
Fuga (Conversa)

No. 8 for orchestra (1944)
Aria (Modinha)
Tocata (Catira batida)

No. 9 for chorus or string orchestra (1945)

Like I've said elsewhere, Villa-Lobos's death just completed 50 years, and therefore his works will only be on public domain as of 2029.

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