Piano Help! What would you do?

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Piano Help! What would you do?

Postby Bubbles » Tue Nov 25, 2008 5:44 pm

Piano Help! What would you do?
I need your opinions. I am sitting for my ATCL piano Recital Diploma, but I am taking the new syllabus where 90% is based on recital performance and 10% programme notes.

My concern is, I want to take up this diploma not because I want another certificate, but because I want to learn more and be an overall musical performer- which means scales, arpeggios and Sight reading and Aural has to be taken into account.
In the Old Syllabus which can overlap till 2009, its marks are based on 60% pieces, 10% program notes, 10% sight reading, 10% aural and 10% scales and arpeggios.
Of course the Old Syllabus would be more difficult cos there's much more to learn- besides pieces there are scales and sight reading but wouldn't that make the diploma more valuable?
My teacher thinks its better I do the new syllabus because it is the latest and its easier.
I think its better that l learn as much as I can- no matter how difficult - and I am not afraid of hard work- I got a distinction for my AB grade 8 and I think its better that I push myself forward to an overall musical development instead of just 3 pieces.After all, I' m paying alot of money ( $100 an hour to be exact) and just to learn 3/4 pieces?
What do you think?Would you prefer to take the new syllabus or old syllabus? More simpler or more difficult?
Should I take the new syllabus or the old syllabus?
And how can I convince my teacher that I would like to do the old syllabus since its much more difficult ?

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Postby bclever » Tue Nov 25, 2008 6:32 pm

Bubbles, I like the way you think. You show all the signs of being an exceptional human being.
You will go far with an attitude like that. Good instructors all along the way will recognize your
drive and help you. Personally, I would choose the harder program. Just make sure you are still
satisfying the official requirements. I predict a bright future for you if you keep this up.
"I am glad that you wish to study the art of tones from its roots up, and it depends only on you to learn for yourself so much of it as has become known to me." -- J.S. Bach

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