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Postby techneut » Wed Aug 27, 2008 6:09 am

nathanscoleman wrote:He certainly was under-rated. It's funny how those prejudices still endure with musicians today. I played the sopalizio for a temporary teacher I had last year (which is one of the most wonderfully romantic pieces .... *wistful sigh w/hand to forehead*), and her first comment was, "yeah, I forget how little melody his music has" .... that was our last lesson! lol That, of all his pieces, surely can't be called unmelodic.

You did well to ditch that teacher. Spozalizio is IMO one of Liszt loveliest compositions, certainly among my favourites, together with its neighbouring pieces Il Pensieroso and the Canzonetta di Salvator Rosa. I have often contemplated recording these three but never got around to it. I will be eagerly awaiting your CS of the Italian Pilgrim Years (whoa, that Tarantella.....)
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Postby nathanscoleman » Wed Aug 27, 2008 11:14 am

I will be eagerly awaiting your CS of the Italian Pilgrim Years (whoa, that Tarantella.....)

Now, don't go getting ahead of ourself!! I was intending on just the original 7 at first ... that Dante sonata is hellish enough ... hehe.

That Tarantella is a right bastard of a piece. Before my back had gotten real bad I was about ready to post everything but the Dante. *sigh* I'm supposed to be seeing neurosurgeon soon (hope springs eternal) and he's gonna solve all my problems! 8)

Anyway, I've always thought the Italian Pilgrimage was the best of the lot ... although there are some individually great pieces there. But the 2nd year was the most consistently awesome, IMO.
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