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Postby PJF » Wed Jun 25, 2008 6:12 pm

juufa72 wrote:
pianolady wrote:
I know - I feel guilty about driving an SUV. I only do it because I feel safer. Also, I can be big and tall for a change.

Ah yes, a power trip :wink:


p.s. Pete, nuclear power is not the best (better than fossil fuels but still not good). The main question is: what to do with all the nuclear waste? Can't destroy it, can't dump it, can't shoot it into space. Basically it has to be stored for hundreds of years until it becomes safe / stable (very very long half-life).

I say solar and wind power is the best way; favoring the former more than the latter.

I completely agree about nuclear being suboptimal (any form of energy that can kill on a massive scale is not the best route!) but the cool thing is that we already have thousands of atom bombs just waiting to be put to good use in our power plants. Don't get me wrong; we should keep a few hundred in case we need to trigger the apocalypse.

If it could ever be made ubiquitous, solar would be the way to go. What could be more natural or endless?!? Earth is chock full of sunbeams.

Wind is less reliable; every time a high pressure center is over you, the lights go out! :lol:

PS: Yay, power-trip! :twisted:

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