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Postby MindenBlues » Fri Feb 02, 2007 3:30 pm

pianolady wrote:Olaf, are you talking about the music stand - where the music book sits? You put that down? Where do you put your music then?

No, I was not precise. I meant, to have the music stand up, but it is inside the lid. So that I have to open the front part in order get the music stand upright. I think, that is the usual way, like Chris does it too. However, I know that some people like my old teacher, let their lid completely closed and the note stand upright on top of that. It is very high, like Chris said, not comfortable and sounds muffled. However if the hammers are not voiced since decades, they are that hard that you cannot play with open lid, it sounds always very harsh.

techneut wrote:It takes getting used to. It'' be at least an hour before I feel comfortable with it and can actually start rcording.

Ok, will try that approach. Still, I believe it's better to change micropositions or something else but always play, especially while recording, that one feels most comfortable, because the audible result will be accordingly.

techneut wrote:But we are way OT here.

You are right. Robert: PLEASE answer the questions from Monica and me, however they are numerous statements back. Because we are snoopy!

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Postby techneut » Fri Feb 02, 2007 4:35 pm

Well that was a nice video, and the slips are fun. Seems better though, to maintain a stony poker face even when playing a silly mistake. You still do something strange at the start of the slow section.

Sounds like a great instrument. And a nice sunny room ;-)
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Postby robert » Sat Feb 03, 2007 9:10 am

A lot more interest that I thought it would be ;). Ok here are some details and reflections I have made so far on the Yamaha C2 (173 cm).

Regarding the sound, it is overall more mellow and not so sharp as with the digital but far more dynamic as expected. When I try to play pianissimo on the digital, the difference is not as much as I want so I cannot really get the effect I want but here, it is a great difference. On the soft side, I have nothing to complain about at as the piano do what I want it to do but I would like it to be sharper when I apply more power. Perhaps that can be adjusted. In the mid register, I would like it to be a little more mellow but I know that other Yamaha instruments sound like this so I have to live with that. When I use it in silent mode, the sound is a bit different but not bad at all and it is nothing disturbing about it. Every sound detail is there as it simulates different pedal effects and string resonance etc. but I would liked to have an equalizer to adjust the sound. The video camera I used for the recording cannot capture the true sound so you will have to wait for new recordings before you get a better "sound picture" of how it sounds. Lid open, front part open or everything closed. I am not sure what will sound best when making a recording and have to experiment a bit.

The touch is of course a lot better and that is probably the reason I bought it. I have nothing to complain on it here and I am not sure I can feel any difference when it is silenced. The little heel is still there when I press the key slowly down (I think this is caused by the double escapment right?) and perhaps I am a bit more relaxed playing. I hope my wrist pain goes away and I image it already feels better. Time will tell.

And when it comes to this actual performance, I thought it would be more of fun than serious as I too had a really good time looking at my suprised face. I am not really used to play on it and it will probably take some more time before I feel really comfortable. I am also not used to video tape myself when playing and did not realize how much I change face when playing so that was new to me too :).

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Postby pianolady » Mon Feb 05, 2007 10:34 am

The little heel is still there when I press the key slowly down (I think this is caused by the double escapment right?) and perhaps I am a bit more relaxed playing. I hope my wrist pain goes away and I image it already feels better. Time will tell.

I meant to tell you earlier that it looked to me like your wrists were relaxed. Your shirt covered them mostly but they looked level most of the time and your body did not indicate extreme tension so please keep us updated if your wrist pain does indeed go away.
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Postby johnmar78 » Sun Mar 18, 2007 7:23 pm

Hey Rob, I just found this topic....It was my unltimate machine to convert my g3 to silent piano12 years ago......

It can be done on yamaha grands and it would cost me around 12000$(almost the same price to get another second hand c2). But I decided not to. Mainly, worried about its reliability. perhaps I worried too much.
The good thing is , it recorded to its build in disclavier. But needs a soft ware to transfer to computer and burned on cd. It also plays back with moving keys like ghost playing.....just imaging you invite your friends around and doing a recital with CD on with out telling them and all guests are facing away from me a cheat......and they think you played brillant....

Do you have infromation on that??? on software to compuer transfer?

My experice with Roland digital grand -RP8..... it cost 24000$. And had 100 digital ajustment for key touch......woooh. so if you want a soft action less (energy to burn...and palying faster on op10/1). this is a quick escape....I am not sure either You or Chris would agree....but it can be done just like Chopin played on his light touched piano....

Its was will never loose a ppp touch, because it will always sound when played ppp :lol: which does not happen on real grand action.

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