Tone poem "The Pier at Night"

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Tone poem "The Pier at Night"

Postby pianoman342 » Thu Jun 10, 2010 8:58 pm

Hello Piano Society Friends,

I present to you a new composition. It is a tone poem titled “The Pier at Night.”

There are five phrases used in the piece. We start with A, The Pier at Night. B is The Pier at Night in Fog. C is a Party on the Pier at Night. D is the Pier at Twilight. E is the Pier at Morning. In short, here is the piece broken into six simple chapters:
A. Night
B. Fog
C. Party
D. Twilight
A. Night
E. Morrow
The Form, as you might guess, is ABCDAE.
Another way to look at the piece is in moods;
A. Passion, B. Melancholy, C. Vitality, D. Mystery, A. Passion, E. Innocence
Enjoy, feedback is encouraged.

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