Dvorak -Legnds Op.59 (4-hands)

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Dvorak -Legnds Op.59 (4-hands)

Postby techneut » Sun Aug 17, 2014 8:32 pm

Today I completed the second half of Dvorak's wonderful set of Legends, together with my esteemed piano partner David Dekker. The first 5 we had recorded two months ago. There are some tiny flaws but none of them distracting I believe. Our synchronization is getting better with each session. As usual I play Secondo, and David plays Primo. I love these pieces at least as much as the Slavonic Dances. Four-hand music just does not get better than this.

Dvorak - Legends Op.59 - 1: Allegretto no troppo, quasi andantino (2:49)
Dvorak - Legends Op.59 - 2: Molto moderato (3:35)
Dvorak - Legends Op.59 - 3: Allegro giusto (3:45)
Dvorak - Legends Op.59 - 4: Molto maestoso (5:05)
Dvorak - Legends Op.59 - 5: Allegro giusto (3:40)
Dvorak - Legends Op.59 - 6: Allegro con moto (4:18)
Dvorak - Legends Op.59 - 7: Allegretto grazioso (2:28)
Dvorak - Legends Op.59 - 8: Un poco allegretto (3:49)
Dvorak - Legends Op.59 - 9: Andante con moto (2:34)
Dvorak - Legends Op.59 -10: Andante (3:16)
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Re: Dvorak -Legnds Op.59 (4-hands)

Postby RSPIll » Mon Aug 18, 2014 12:08 am

Hi Chris,

I've listened to the first 5 so far and have enjoyed them immensely. I hear the Slavic sound in so many, though a couple of times I have heard some Brahms sneaking in (Dvorak's own writing). They are fun to listen to and I shall listen to more as the evening progresses.


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