Beethoven Variations in D major op. 76

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Beethoven Variations in D major op. 76

Postby Rachmanny » Thu Jun 26, 2014 11:26 am


I am new at Pianosociety and this is my very first post. I am hoping to receive constructive criticism on my performance of Beethoven's Variations in D Major op.76 and maybe discuss some of technical difficulties that are present.

Would be happy hear some feedback, enjoy!

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Re: Beethoven Variations in D major op. 76

Postby musicrecovery » Sun Jul 13, 2014 10:10 pm

Hi Manny,

I never knew Beethoven wrote variations on his Turkish March. I think you are progressing beautifully with this piece.
My only suggestion and I did feel this way you unveil the theme more evidently for variations in the variations that
occur before the one right before the minor one.

There was one variation, the one before the minor one, that really pronounced the theme with great clarity.
The variations after the minor one also were very outspoken in the theme. The repeat of the theme I felt was
a really good tempo.

Thank you so much for sharing this. I am looking forward to hearing many many posts from you.

Kaila Rochelle

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Re: Beethoven Variations in D major op. 76

Postby troglodyte » Fri Jul 18, 2014 10:46 am

Very spirited and convincing! My only complaint would be that sometimes the sound is a bit muddy, eg in the first variation. I can't tell if it is the recording or too much pedal.


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Re: Beethoven Variations in D major op. 76

Postby RSPIll » Mon Aug 18, 2014 12:55 am

Hey Manny,

I know that you posted this a while back, but I haven't been on for a while, while dealing with life, so I'm trying to get a bit caught up.

First, that is a wonderful performance, full of vitality. I have started the practice of just listening without following the score. I've realized that the first thing that I want to hear is a convincing performance, whatever liberties one may take with the composer's indications. All in all this is very convincing. I then will look at the score if there are any parts that I hear that seem to be less convincing, either to figure out where it is or if my impressions match the score to any degree.

Your thirds are great (regardless of any pedaling issues). I wish that these older hands could do such as cleanly. But, as is the job of all commentators on PS, I have to pick a few nits. These are minor.

From my first impression, Var. I seems a little rushed, particularly on that run starting after the last beat of measure 2. I loose the feeling of a march. In Var. II in the alternating octaves in the last 2 measures, your hands to seem a little out of sync. Finally, Var. III, the descending run in the triplet thirds (essentially the same idea as in Var. I) looses the sense of the meter of a march (even though this of course is dolce. Since the phrase marking starts off of the beat, here IMHO the first 2 notes need to lead us into the downbeat.

Beyond that, I truly believe that this is a wonderful performance.


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Re: Beethoven Variations in D major op. 76

Postby Rachmanny » Wed Aug 20, 2014 10:58 pm

First of all I would like to give you all many thanks for adding your ideas and constructive criticism of this interpretation. Nowadays I have managed to clean the thirds up very well since the video was taken: I do not use the pedal on them anymore and they do not sound muddy. I have also fixed the tempo on the 1st variation so it does not seem as rushed anymore, like Scott recently suggested. I strongly agree that this variation has to be true to a solid meter, while taking maybe one or two small liberties with the tempo (specially when that unexpected g sharp comes up).

I still have small gripes with the second variation and perhaps I need to make a stronger emphasis on accenting the beats and playing it in rhythm. On the third variation however, I love bending the rhythm on it. Beethoven did not call this theme the Turkish march only until he included this melody in the Ruins of Athens, so I believe some liberties may be taken and I see the opportunity to be a little more romantic and longing. I do however like the suggestion of leading the thirds into the downbeat where the phrasing is off-beat. Hearing this in my head feels more natural, thanks for that advice Scott.

Am excited to post more music in the future for further analysis.

Best regards,


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Re: Beethoven Variations in D major op. 76

Postby luissarro » Wed Sep 03, 2014 7:18 pm

Hi, Emanuelle!

the audio quality is not that clear, but the performance is really nice. congratulations!
Luís Sarro

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