Presentation of the pianist and composer Antonio Guida

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Re: Presentation of the pianist and composer Antonio Guida

Postby techneut » Mon Mar 19, 2012 11:49 am

It seems like picking out no.3 for a first listening was not the best choice.
Having listened to all of them, I can say that I really like no. 1 with its brooding amosphere and tolling bell, and no. 4 with its nostalgic fluid textures.
Beautiful sounds, beautifully played. Both movements are way too long though despite their beauty. They feel like extended improvisations which you could keep on for hours. The other movements still do little for me. They have their moments, but seem often designed to make as much noise as possible (like most of no.6, I would still like to see you play that..... if only to sympathize with the poor piano....).
I would agree, much talent and good ideas here, but also some less good ideas and a tendency to go on for far too long. Careful pruning, and maybe
a bit less notes in some places, might produce a better result. Just my opinion of course, I'm not a composer.
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