chopin minute waltze op64 no1

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chopin minute waltze op64 no1

Postby johnmar78 » Wed Oct 12, 2011 2:19 pm

Hi Piano lady, Rob, Chris,,,Jufa,,,Musicala..and those i missed out.
I am back.. here is my OLD recording without any editing. I hope you all like it....

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Re: chopin minute waltze op64 no1

Postby techneut » Wed Oct 12, 2011 3:24 pm

Hiya John,

For old times' sake, I would like to say "Welcome back".

But this does not sound like a new recording. I believe this is a converted YouTube video because you uploaded it six or seven times with the name chopin-op64-1-[].mp3. Interestingly, the ID3 tags of those show Neil O'Doan as the pianist but I well know it's not him but you.

I watched your YT vid of this waltz (the one after a big easter lunch) and I have to say it is really awful. Sorry to be brutally honest, but I really cannot understand how you dare put up stuff like that, and call it a Gift to God. It's a hoot.

This version is not quite as bad but way below the quality standards we have here these days. You need to understand things have changed a lot since you were last here. We expect accurate and expressive playing these days, you cannot get away anymore with playing speed demon and missing dozens of notes. Apart from that, the sound quality is not very pleasant.

Not a nice review, I know. But there's no other way to put it. You'll need to develop a good dose of self-criticism and not make excuses for errors (it doesn't really matter what you had for lunch...) And you should take lessons with a real good teacher who channels your dexterity, energy and determination into good music making. Before that happens, there seems little point in submitting virtuoso pieces here.

Sorry !
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Re: chopin minute waltze op64 no1

Postby pianolady » Wed Oct 12, 2011 4:50 pm

Welcome back from me too, John. :)

I'm sorry to say, but Chris is right. This recording will not suffice. Playing music as fast as possible should not your goal - I never understood that. Well, maybe I do - like maybe it's a guy thing, I dunno... But whatever, we do only accept mostly error-free recordings with good sound quality now. You could try making a new recording and try slowing this down and then probably get more accuracy....?
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Re: chopin minute waltze op64 no1

Postby johnmar78 » Thu Oct 13, 2011 7:04 am

thanks, guys, by the way Chris, this is the second one on the youtube, was not the one "gift to God" rthat was bad recording i admit , some notes came out strong. I might delete it. This upload is the second one, if you look closer on my youtube. I was not mean to speed at all. Its just though how I interprete his muisc. I slowed 10% than my true speed. :lol: I liked it smooth legato in the end, but some may like it in stacatto form....any way.. I do a new one would be an interesting,,since this tune is old enough, my former teacher did not say much even he has had herad many versions.
I take lessons once a month.

Anyway, Piano lady, playing fast is not my goal, I think its rather stupid and lost of musicality. I even play my other new etude at moderate speed...I want to enjoy the tune....


Ps. by the way, I use FLTV free file conversion program that conversts video to mp3 file, I had 4 attemps to upload and rejected due to "internet error" so I tried a differnt way for not typing any message in the message box and it worked.( I typed the message after I uploaded the mp3 file dnt asked me why.....

All good Chris, let me do anther one.....see what I teacher say this time...

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Re: chopin minute waltze op64 no1

Postby musicusblau » Thu Oct 13, 2011 9:03 pm

Hi John,
bravo to this nice little virtuosic achievement!
It´s not necessary to reduce speed in general, just try to get out the valse rhythm more clearly and exactly. That means you should try to play it more even, not necessarily slower. Especially in the left hand there is missing sometimes the last chord of the 3/4-bar. The reason is that you speed up sometimes some milliseconds too much. In the middle section the rhythm comes out better and it sounds quite good. Just count the four bars of the holded a flat note correctly, you start too early with the runs (like a fiery racehorse which can´t await to buzz off :lol: But I like that manner, it has something of early Horrowitz recordings, which also sometimes were horribly unexact, for this I only can say it was a real fun and pleasure to listen to your recording!)

And welcome back, my old PS-fellow! I will not forget how much you have helped me with advices concerning recording technique when I was new here! :)

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Re: chopin minute waltze op64 no1

Postby pianoman342 » Fri Oct 14, 2011 3:33 am

Hi Mr. Mar,

I listened to your Chopin Waltz and have to echo the sentiments of Chris and Monica. I have taken the liberty of listening to some of your other pieces on the site so it strikes me as strange that this recording would be part of your showcase :? . And about you saying you play 10% of your "true" speed. Personally I would say take a slower tempo, but I can't tell you how to play, just make recommendations.
Look forward to your redo,

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Re: chopin minute waltze op64 no1

Postby johnmar78 » Fri Oct 14, 2011 7:10 am

thanks fellows.
As this piano society has "upgraded it standard". I now also has to buy a new microphone , I think its RODE NT55 and a new Sony video camera that has an external microphone input..but I have to wait . This new mic should cap 20hz to 20khz A FULL RANGE of piano sound. And I beleive this will give the listener a much much better sound quality. :lol:

Thanks Again to those who supported me :wink: :wink: .

By the way Chris, how do a get rip off glitch sound in my recording that noticed in my recording and others. It happens twice in this waltze,, Is this to do with the "compression" of the file or microphone issues??

Musicali thanks for your tips man..I talk to you soon...

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