Liadoff, four Preludes, Opp. 33/1, 36/3, 39/2 and 46/4

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Re: Liadoff, four Preludes, Opp. 33/1, 36/3, 39/2 and 46/4

Postby Rachfan » Sun Jun 26, 2011 4:09 pm

Hi Andreas,

I'm so glad you enjoyed these pieces, and thanks for that nice compliment on my playing! Liadoff wrote 30 preludes, and I had only a passing acquaintance with a very few of them, so did not know exactly what to expect. Once I got into practicing them I was pleasantly surprised. These pieces are very brief, but are gems as you say. He wrote many in fast tempos as well, but I gravitated more to the lyrical preludes knowing that I'd enjoy them the most. I'm currently working on four more and hope to record them in July once the piano is tuned. So yes, more to come. :)

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