Liadov Barcarolle op.44

Upload new recordings for evaluation and discussions. Acoustic instruments preferred, although digital is allowed. MIDI or other digitally rendered/manipulated recordings will not be admitted.

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Re: Liadov Barcarolle op.44

Postby hyenal » Sat Jan 01, 2011 4:21 pm

Hi Andreas, happy new year and thanks for your kind comments!!! And I apologize for this delayed response. I was fully occupied by my baby, since the Kita is now closed.
I wish your little baby all the best and that she will learn all these Christmas Songs. (I´m teaching my little son also a bit piano now. He is four years.)

Thank you for your kind wishs :D BTW I'm very interested, how you are teaching your son. Is he working perhaps on Bach? :wink: My daughter repeats the songs, which she heard, very well, so I suspect she is a bit talented in music :roll: Of course I'm not sure about it, since I had no experience with babys before.
BTW, about what theme do you write your dissertation?

Coincidently Eddy raised the same question above on this thread and I answered so: I'm endeavoring a PhD in the department of philosophy writing a diss. about Immanuel Kant, reconstructing his theory of the taste on the base of the concept "Highest Good". BTW I'm writing it in German.
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