Bellini-Fumagalli Casta diva, arranged for left hand only

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Francois de Larrard
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Re: Bellini-Fumagalli Casta diva, arranged for left hand only

Postby Francois de Larrard » Sat Nov 20, 2010 7:18 pm

pianolady wrote:Francois - I wish your wife well with her one-hand piano music. And that's okay, I don't plan on doing any myself. I'd probably fall off the bench or clunk my head on the piano, so I'm safer with two hands.

Still you may use your feet :)
Have a good week-end,
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Re: Bellini-Fumagalli Casta diva, arranged for left hand only

Postby andrew » Sun Nov 21, 2010 12:44 pm

Rachfan wrote:Hi Andrew,

This is a wonderfully played "Casta diva" arranged for left hand alone. You've played it so artistically that just listening to it without the benefit of knowing otherwise, I would have assumed that it was being played with both hands. Congratulations on this fine achievement!


I must admit that if I end up recording it in a studio setting, rather than as a live performance, I will be sorely tempted to use both hands! I'm not sure about the ethics of that. :D Apart from having been at the performance (!), the thing that tells me it's just one hand is the time delay in some of the big leaps from bass to treble, where it's effectively a bass appoggiatura (as opposed to those where the bass and treble lie on differing beats). Ideally the notes should be a little closer together, but I can't jump much faster without taking risks.

Francois de Larrard wrote: I found an Internet site listing a number of RH alone pieces, but only one is available on IMSLP (it is the Alkan's study), which looks terribly difficult !

I would certainly agree with that: oddly, I think his lh only etude is significantly easier (obviously still tricky though).

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