Brahms - 4 Klavierstücke Op.119

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Re: Brahms - 4 Klavierstücke Op.119

Postby Terez » Thu Jul 01, 2010 11:04 pm

alf wrote:
Terez wrote:I'm sorry Alfie; I wont comment on your recordings any more unless I know the piece (because regardless of your expectations, I can't think of anything to say about a performance unless I know the piece, unless there is something that stands out to me, which of course there almost never is in your recordings).

Then I'll better learn a lot of Chopin next! :mrgreen:

And Bach! Yes, I know I'm not so familiar with Bach's keyboard works as I am with Chopin's music, but I am working on it, and he's the one composer that really inspires me to become familiar with all of his music, day soon, I will know it all. :D I have been listening less lately, and practicing more, but I go through occasional periods where I listen a lot. Also, from earlier:

Alfie wrote:This raises an interesting argument about the reasons we submit recordings to PS. Some people use PS as a showcase, others take advantage from Audition Room to receive insightful comments on their playing. Some simply hang around and hope to exchange views on their interpretations and the music they play.

I think I will be a mixture of all these things. But two motivations stick out to me:

1. I work best when I have goals to work toward. This is why I didn't progress much at all in the ten years between college stints. But juries are only once a semester, and recitals once a year, and once I'm done with my performance degree, I will probably be going to grad school for theory, and won't have many performance requirements.

2. I love the idea of making music available to people for free, and I want to do my best to interpret my favorite composers in such a way that will help others to love their music as much as I do.

I find the criticism less useful for me because I know most of my problems already. That is not to say that I know all of them, or that I find criticism to be completely useless; I do have a tendency to respond better to technical advice than advice on interpretation (which generally puts my back up), but I can handle even the latter so long as it is delivered in a technical context (like Chris's criticism often is, for example).
"Z Czernym poznałem się na panie brat—na dwa fortepiana często z nim u niego grywałem. Dobry człowiek, ale nic więcej..." - Fryderyk Chopin

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