Bach - WTC - D major

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Re: Bach - WTC - D major

Postby musicusblau » Sun Apr 04, 2010 10:46 am

techneut wrote:
I've just redone the fugue, I thinks it's more or less properly dotted now.

Yes, it´s better now, though it´s not exactly double dotted at every place, where is written a dotted note.

Yes I think you have, and it is a marvellous performance !

Thanks for this! :D

Maybe you even triple-dot in places :P . But that rhythmic sharpness sounds good.

No, it´s always exactly double-dotted! :P

It's much better than mine. You have the better instrument and recording gear of course.

The playing really has nothing to do with the recording gear and your instrument is also a good one (though I don´t want to say with this, that your playing is bad , just the opposite, of course), which technically respective mechanically is in a good order and has a nice and very individual sound, too (I really like that sound of old French instruments). Our instruments even have one point in common: my grand-piano has - like yours - such a pounderous mechanic and it´s very difficult to do well fast tone-repetitions on it. That´s why I always have to work so much on the trills and ornaments, because the mechanic of my instrument is not the best.

The only thing I don't like is your closing arpeggio. To my ear, it seems to miss a note.

There are all notes in there. I just have done an arpeggio of the final d-major-chord instead to play it simultanously. But this is an issue of taste only, of course.

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