Chopin - 3 Mazurkas Op. 50

Upload new recordings for evaluation and discussions. Acoustic instruments preferred, although digital is allowed. MIDI or other digitally rendered/manipulated recordings will not be admitted.

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Postby techneut » Tue Jul 18, 2006 7:07 am

Thanks for that Chase ! I did put ample (if perhaps still not sufficient) preparation in these even though I had played these for many years. Yes, phrasing is one of the things I am working on, it's getting better but seems I'm not quite there yet. Thanks for the tip.

Ah that Gaveau, yes it is beautiful and has lots of character and oompah. If not I would not be so attached to it. I think it dates from 1920 or so. If only it would feel like a Steinway (no need to sound like it) I would be so happy. Renner time ? As I understood I'd have to ship off the complete inner works to Austria and they'd build a new one there. I find that a scary prospect, and I know that measurements are not the same as in modern instruments (there were enough pesky little problems even after only replacing the hammers...).

It is a real conundrum I can tell you..... Even apart from the amount of money it would involve.
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