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Postby Terez » Mon Sep 17, 2007 7:10 am

juufa72 wrote:
chopinman0901 wrote:Whoah, I didn't know there was another photograph of him (or is it a dagguerotype?)!! When was that taken? Those two pictures don't even look like it's the same man.

The first image added to this discussion is the only known Dagguerotype of Chopin. I believe the second added image to this discussion is a sketch.

It was actually a photograph, not a daguerreotype (common misconception, because of the age, but the first permanent photograph was taken in 1826).
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Postby pianolady » Mon Sep 17, 2007 11:44 pm

juufa72 wrote:a little OT, but, I was watching our local Public Television Station and showing was a program called "Antique Roadshow", where people bring in their valuables and have them appraised. Anyways, point being, an elderly lady brought in a daggeroutype which she bought for $20. She had no clue who was pictured. She just loved the frame. Turns out, that it is a dagguerotype of Edger Allan Poe. The appraiser almost fainted because he said that there were only two known dagguerotypes of E.A.Poe. He valued the image at well over $50,000 dollars.

I wonder how much a Chopin dagguerotype would go for at auction :wink:

I love that show. Just watched it tonight. They were in Honolulu.

It's strange that you mentioned Edgar Allen Poe. He died 10 days before Chopin. Equally famous men, these two, but I would wager that a Chopin dagguerotype would command a higher price. I'm sure it depends on who you ask. :wink:
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