Site restriction - Bandwidth (ab)use

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Site restriction - Bandwidth (ab)use

Postby robert » Wed May 23, 2007 7:39 pm

For the reason that several IP addresses are abusing the site, or mistakingly leaving their computers on and looping the same recording over and over again (for days and weeks!!!), I have been forced to introduce restrictions on how many times you are allowed to download the same recording on a day, the total number of recordings you are allowed to download on a day and how many hits you can have on the main site. The restrictions I have introduced are the following:
Number of times you can download the same recording: 10
Number of recordings you can download as a total: 100
Number of hits you are allowed to produce on the main site: 2000 (me must allow crawlers as google)
Number of sheets you can download on a day: 10

I think these figures are more than reasonable but while launching the script at this moment, no less than 23 IP addresses were blocked. :shock:

If you encounter any problems (so to speak be redirected to the side explaining the issue), post in this thread or send me an email.

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