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Clavier Übung III

Clavier-Übung III is the third installment of Johann Sebastian Bach's ambitious series of Clavier-Übungen (Keyboard Exercises). Unlike the other three volumes, which contain music for the harpsichord (the 6 Partitas in Volume I, the Italian Concerto and the Ouverture in French Style in Volume II, and the Goldberg Variations in Volume IV), Clavier-Übung III is written for the organ.

This heterogenous collection consists of multiple settings of the German Kyrie and Gloria, BWV 669-677, the Four Duets for organ manualiter, BWV 802-805, and, framing it all, the imposing prelude and fugue BWV 552 which is also known as St. Anne's prelude and fugue. The collection of Chorale Preludes from the Clavier-Übung III is often referred to as the German Organ Mass.


Bach - Clavier Übung III (German Organ Mass)

Complete recording by Chris Breemer

Recorded 2007-2011

Praeludium pro Organo pleno9:56
BWV 669
Kyrie, Gott Vater in Ewigkeit (Canto fermo in Soprano à 2 Clav. et Ped.)
BWV 670
Christe, aller Welt Trost (Canto fermo in Tenore a 2 Clav. et, Pedal)
BWV 671
Kyrie, Gott heiliger Geist (a 5, Canto fermo in Basso Con Organo pleno)
BWV 672
Kyrie, Gott Vater in Ewigkeit (alio modo, manualiter)
BWV 673
Christe, aller Welt Trost1:37
BWV 674Kyrie, Gott heiliger Geist1:39
BWV 675
Allein Gott in der Höh sei Ehr (a 3, Canto fermo in Alto)
BWV 676
Allein Gott in der Höh sei Ehr (à 2 Clav. et Pedal)5:05
BWV 677Fughetta super Allein Gott in der Höh' sei Ehr' (manualiter)
BWV 678
Dies sind die heilgen zehen Gebot (à 2 Clav. et Ped. Canto fermo in Canone)6:20
BWV 679
Dies sind die heilgen zehen Gebot (manualiter)1:58
BWV 680
Wir gläuben all an einem Gott (in Organo pleno con Pedale)
BWV 681
Fughetta super 'Wir glauben all an einem Gott' (manualiter)
BWV 682
Vater unser im Himmelreich (à 2 Clav. et Pedal e Canto fermo in Canone)8:37
BWV 683Vater unser im Himmelreich (alio modo, manualiter)
BWV 684Christ, unser Herr, zum Jordan kam (à 2 Clav. et Canto fermo in Pedale)3:50
BWV 685Christ, unser Herr, zum Jordan kam (alio modo, manualiter)
BWV 686Aus tiefer Not schrei' ich zu dir (a 6, in Organo pleno con Pedale doppio)
BWV 687
Aus tiefer Not schrei ich zi Dir (a 4, alio modo, manualiter)
BWV 688
Jesus Christus, unser Heiland, der von uns der Zorn Gottes wandt
(à 2 Clav. et Canto fermo in Pedale)
BWV 689
Jesus Christus, unser Heiland (a 4, manualiter)
BWV 552-2
Fuga a 5 con pedale pro Organo pleno