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Liapounov - Etudes d'execution transcendante, Op.11
Liapounov's twelve transcendental Útudes were composed between 1897 and 1905, and dedicated to Franz Liszt. They continue and complete the tonal sequence begun by Liszt in his set of twelve Útudes, namely pairs of alternate major and relative minor key Útudes where the tonic key rises by a fourth after each pair - Liszt having worked his way from beginning in C maj and A min to ending in Db maj and Bb min, Liapounov begins in F# maj and D# min. The Útudes themselves are written with clear Lisztian influences, albeit with Russian, folksong and oriental tinges. The set calls for a well-developed technique and control of voicing is of paramount importance in several of the Útudes.

5 Nuit d'EtÚ 10:06Wright, A.